6 Of the Best Car Modifications for Off-Roading

Off-roading has quite a lot of dangers. Don’t fret, the below points would be the best modifications to keep you safe. Keep reading.


Take a look at the tires on regular vehicles and off-roaders; ones for four-wheel drives would be large and have many grooves. Install the tires that have the most grooves in them. Your car won’t be able to slip when driving.

A deep tread is especially needed if you’re going to be driving through ice or mud. Depending on the brand of 4X4 you own, how easy it would be to get tires for it would differ.


Off-roading can take weeks to complete. Some of the most famous trails in Australia require up to a month to finish. You’d want to bring as many accessories with you as possible. This can be done by installing a hitch. A good idea would be to place a bicycle on it; if anything were to happen to your vehicle, you’d still be able to keep moving.

Create storage space on the top of your 4WD as well. Roof rack shovel holders would let you store shovels as well as a multitude of other items as the storage would be long. A shovel along with recovery gear would help you escape mud.

Lift Kit

A car modification that’s pricey but could improve your off-roading experience ten-fold would be a lift kit. It would elevate your vehicle off the ground, so the number of obstacles you’d face would be low.

Kits vary a lot. How many inches off the ground you’d be able to achieve depends a lot on what you’ve bought. Make note of the model of your car. It would affect the type of kit you’d be able to get.


How big is your vehicle? If it’s massive, you can bulldoze straight through things. You can attach a bull-bar to help clear through debris the best. Look for the largest bar as possible – the least damage would be done to your 4X4.


Let’s talk about recovery gear again. Something that would help pull your vehicle out of mud would be a winch. Make sure the cable you’re buying is very tough; the weight of your 4WD might be more than usual.


If the trail is long, stopping and not moving in the night would be a bad idea.  The headlights on your off-roader may not be that great. You can illuminate the pathway superbly by purchasing a lightbar. It would be placed on the top of your car and would create a light that would stretch far ahead.

White lights illuminate the best – you’d be able to spot anything camouflaged.

Final Thoughts

Off-roading is an experience everyone needs to try. You’d be one with nature. However, it can be dangerous. All the modifications we mentioned would help you have the best time. From them, the best thing you could do is to get good tires. The chances of your 4X4 getting stuck in mud would be high otherwise.

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