Reduce Waste Poster Competition

Year 5, Medina Primary School students who have been learning about recycling and waste management, participated in a poster competition for WEscef Café in promoting using less plastics and having less waste. The two winners were chosen by Helen Clark  and Medina Primary School Principle Mr John Hodge. The two lucky winners both won a $100 voucher for brunch at Kent Street Deli, and I know one of the winners enjoyed taking her Nanna out to lunch before she flew back to New Zealand.

Kent Street Deli has provided the option of using plates and cutlery if sitting down in the café and will be soon providing mugs to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee in the café. If you have your own plastic containers from home, that you can still have a take away option, please bring them in and don’t forget your BYO takeaway coffee cups.

It’s great the students are learning about the impact of waste on our environment and how we can do more, with less. We hope the children’s posters remind us of how we can do things better and have a positive impact on our reduction of packaging and waste removal.



Winter Creative Festival

We are excited to host this year’s Winter Creative Festival here in our event space at THE KENT STREET DELI.

Local businesswomen saw the need to collaborate and reset in the months of winter, as the clientele and business slows.

To download your event PDF click HERE.

All event tickets and information can be found here on our calendar of events.


2 August- 9.30-11.30am How to Be Resilient in Business with Brooke Whitmore (Free Event book online ) (Tickets online)

7 August- 7 pm- 9 pm Graphic Design for Small Business with Rhiannon Mc Donald $39.95 (Tickets online)

9 August- 9.30am- 12 pm Shut Up and Write (Free Event)

9 August- 1 pm- 2.45pm Instagram and Phone Photography with Amanda Viviers $39.95 (Tickets online)

12 August- 9am-5pm RESET: Soul Coast Yoga Retreat Day $140 (Tickets online)

Proudly Supported by the Rotary Club of Rockingham


Crafty Girl Gang

On the first weekend of each month between 8am and 10am a group of women gather the;

CWA Rockingham Crafty Girl Gang

We asked them about their gathering and this is what they said…

“We are a group of inclusive, modern women intent on celebrating the traditions of the Country Women’s Association while developing friendships and working together to improve the lives of others.

We meet at Kent Street Deli’s Creative Space for a crafty breakfast from 8am-10am

Check our Facebook events or our website calendar for specific details. Bring your own craft activity and enjoy a morning of good company and good food. We welcome women of all ages, cultures and religions to join us. Crafters of all levels are welcome, non-crafters too. We ask attendees to make a gold coin donation which will go towards branch fundraising efforts.

The Kent Street Deli menu will be on offer and we request that attendees pay their own bill upon ordering. Whilst this is a member’s event we welcome new faces. Come and see what we’re about. RSVP’s are always appreciated as there is limited seating.”


Social media: @cwarockingham

Come craft with us to fix our trees

On Saturday the 7th of April we are opening The Event Space for crafters and those wanting to come and join the community effort to work together and decorate the tree’s outside our cafe.

Wool has been donated, bring along your supplies and we will have bottomless tea, coffee and nibbles waiting for you.

Starts at 10 am and till we close at 2.30 pm. Drop in and together let’s make the space beautiful.

Comment below if you are coming and bring your crafting friends along.

Team Kent Street Deli

Help us promote your event at Kent Street Deli

Help us help you

Our event space has been designed with you in mind. Finding ways to promote your event outside of your network, however, can be difficult.

We would love to help you promote your event here at the Kent Street Deli. Please email food@kentstreetdeli with the date, name and time of your event in the email header.


Help us fix our tree

In a recent storm in our area, we lost two big chunks of our favourite trees. And to say we were devastated is an understatement. We lost our shade, ambience and we loved the big presence they bought to our streetscape.

Late last year some anonymous creatives, yarn bombed our tree. Have you ever wondered where the yarn on the trees came from?

What is yarn bombing?

It has been known as yarnstorming, guerrilla knitting/crocheting, urban knitting/crocheting, and graffiti knitting/crocheting

Basically those passionate about the art of wool, through crochet or knitting, find secret parts of the community to fill with colour overnight. We miss the beauty of our tree’s so we thought we would ask our locals to come and help us restore these parts of our cafe.

We are going to redo our tree’s with this urban art form and we were wondering if you wanted to be a part of this community activity?

What can you do to help us?

  1. Do you have an old stash of wool, yarn that you can donate? We have a basket in our event space where you can leave them for us.
  2. Do you like to crochet or knit? You can take some yarn and create some squares, cosies, granny squares, flowers or anything.
  3. Would you like to help us redecorate our tree?

Samantha Harris writes about this craft form…

“Yarn bombing is a fairly new phenomenon in the street art world, with the earliest examples of it dating back to as early as 2002, though the term didn’t really start to catch on until around 2005. It started out as cozies over objects or sewn together knitted/crocheted materials. Gradually, over time, artists have developed custom designs and created amigurumi like creatures and incorporated characters into their work. There is a wide range of technique and styles now that make up yarn bombing.”

Thanks so much to everyone who has expressed concern about the storm and the damage to local businesses. We can’t wait to engage our local community into doing something positive after this little hiccup.

Team Kent Street Deli

How To Get More Done in 2018


Coming up on Thursday the 1st of March at 7 pm Rhiannon Mc Donald and Amanda Viviers are hosting a workshop with tickets available today.

The phone is ringing, your social media notifications are going berserk, one child is crying tugging at your leg, while the other one is destroying your clean house (which doesn’t happen that often). You have all these goals and intentions of becoming something this year, taking your business to the next level but just don’t know where to start! Does this sound familiar?

You’re not alone… Did you know that studies have shown that only 11% of people actually complete their to-do lists each day? It is also proven that an excess of things whether it be physically or mentally can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information.

Staying focused in a world full of distractions is hard work, you have to be committed and only you can change, cut through the chaos and take control of your future. Here are five ways you can take control this year and get back on the path of living the life you want:


In order to have a productive day, prepare the night before. Make some basic decisions about what you’re going to do tomorrow, write them down or get them ready. These could be items such as what you’ll wear, what the kids are having for their lunches, making a list of your work priorities etc.

By making these simple decisions the night before it helps you to stay focused in the morning instead of checking emails and scrolling through social media. Stick to your schedule and get into the habit of planning your day in advance, it makes it easier to avoid getting distracted, enables your own accountability and you won’t get sidetracked!


Research shows your concentration levels will be at their highest first thing in the morning, so this is the perfect time to focus on those big, important tasks. After these are out of the way you can relax and take care of the more routine work that doesn’t require so much mental strain.


Switch off all devices and close your email, it’s time to concentrate! By not responding to every email or notification as it arrives it sends a message that you value your time and you’re a very focused and busy person. Schedule a time later in the day when your mental focus is not at its peak to respond to people.


Be clear on what’s important to you, time is thin and your agenda should always fit in with your goals, intentions and life purpose. If you say yes to everything you’re living a life by others, not on your own terms. People pleasing distracts you from being productive with your time. Saying no thoughtfully and in the right manner can come across as you taking control of the situation valuing your time and create new opportunities.

Everyone is afraid of missing out (FOMO) that they don’t take the time or energy to focus on themselves. Being in the moment, asking yourself “does this serve me?”. Having a yes mentality is not good for your mental wellbeing and can become superficial in terms of your involvement and engagement.


When you’re busy working on something and you feel your energy or concentration levels fading away, take a break. Go for a walk around the block, listen to a podcast, do 15 minutes of meditation whatever is going to create results for you in order to come back to your tasks with a renewed energy and sharper mental focus.

The more determination you seek the more ways you will find to harness and use what you have right in front of you more effectively.

Rhiannon McDonald

Rhiannon McDonald is an Organisation Coach and Business Manager who has a passion for helping others get more organised and productive. Rhiannon helps you to cut through the chaos and take control of your life in order to focus on what’s really important to you! She loves everything organisation, productivity, systems, task management, intentions and goals. Rhiannon is the Founder of whoSOCIAL a social media and marketing resources hub for Accountants and Bookkeepers and keeps busy as a mum to Nate and Armani. She also loves to stay creative renovating houses with her husband Monty.

Five Ways To Promote Your Event With Us This Year

Do you find social media confusing?

Do you have an idea for a workshop, but don’t know where to start with promoting it?

We have created an event space here at Kent Street Deli and it was designed just for you. All you need is at least ten people to have our space exclusively and we would love to help you promote your event to make it fly.

Here are some of our top tips for promoting your event here at the deli this year…

Facebook Events

The use of facebook events has increased dramatically over the last year. When you create a great header for your event and also give specific instructions for people, it has the capacity to reach many different audiences. Add Kent Street Deli as a co-host of your event and we will add you to our social media stream. Make sure your photo is simple we love CANVA for designing and also UNSPLASH for copyright free images. 500 million people use Facebook Events each month. But with more than 47 million public Facebook events created last year alone, you need to make your event stand out.

Ticketing Made Easy

One of the easiest platforms for selling tickets for your event is through Eventbrite. A simple way that uses online platforms effectively to promote and also ticket your event. No need for your own website, it has everything that you need. If you use Eventbrite, you can sell tickets directly on Facebook. By allowing people to purchase tickets through Facebook’s new end-to-end checkout, you can drastically boost your bottom line

Choose Your Social Platform

The best thing you can do is choose one social platform and target your audience effectively.

  • Facebook – You can share event updates, engage followers, and create event pages. You can also target your messaging to specific groups using paid promotion.
  • Instagram – Brands get the most engagement on this image-laden social platform.
  • LinkedIn – Great for B2B and industry networking, this professional social media platform is a good choice for company news and event announcements.
  • Twitter – Use posts and an event hashtag to build excitement before and during your event.
  • Snapchat — Appeal to young audiences by building a presence on Snapchat.

Use Local Hashtags and Location Tools

Make sure you use local hashtags like: #reinventingrockingham #secretsinthebay #farfrombogan #rockinghamcity #rockingham #shoalwater #safetybay #secretharbour #goldenbay #kwinanalife #baldivisevents #baldivis and always use your location to tag into people from the local area. Don’t forget to create your own event hashtag and encourage your participants to use it.

Book Your Event Today On Our Bookings Calendar

We have created a simple system for you to book your own event in our event space. With apple tv share capacity from your phone, great fresh food and staff to serve your event, it couldn’t be easier. If you would like to include your marketing in the event calendar as well, email us your header and information and we can update our web page with your information.

We created this events space just for people like you. Let’s continue to inspire and educate our local people with quality events and opportunities to gather. For more information call Brooke on 08 95285335

Brooke and the team at Kent Street Deli

Kent Street Opens Up at the Kwinana Golf Club

We have some exciting news!

Friday and Saturday night’s from 5 pm till late we are serving our freshly made food at our favourite venue.

Kent Street Deli and The Kwinana Golf Club at the Bunker Bistro have combined forces to bring you amazing atmosphere and food.

You will find our team there serving delicious food. It is a great venue with views down the fairway and a family-friendly space for locals! 

Neat Dress Required.

Come and say hi.

Writing and Blogging Workshop

Local Author Amanda Viviers regularly runs workshops in our event space and it is a highlight of our calendar. To see businesses learning from one another and swapping tips and tools is such a great asset to our local community.

Gather and Grow is not about industry professionals trying to tell you how good they are and how far you are away from their brilliance. It’s about everyday people having a go and hanging out with those who have just a little more experience than you.

“Look at what you want to change, gather a few people who believe in it like you do, and start moving forward. It’s important to remember that you don’t always need a destination. Sometimes, you just have to make forward motion. And you absolutely can.” Debby Ryan

Amanda Viviers has published four books, with two current manuscripts with publishers. She has also been blogging for over ten years.

Bring your laptop, notebook, camera and chat with bloggers and writers, who are just having a go like you.

Do you want some tips and tricks to pimp your blog? Then book a place to have coffee today.

What: Two hours, hanging with new friends, with coffee, cake and lots of chats.

When: Saturday Feb 10th, 1pm- 3pm | Gather + Grow : Writing, Publishing and Blogging.

Book today to come gather and grow, please note your booking is Non-Transferable for a new event and Non-Refundable.

$29.95 per person including coffee and cake/ slice and free download code for one of Amanda’s E-book Capture 30 days of inspiration