Reduce Waste Poster Competition

Year 5, Medina Primary School students who have been learning about recycling and waste management, participated in a poster competition for WEscef Café in promoting using less plastics and having less waste. The two winners were chosen by Helen Clark  and Medina Primary School Principle Mr John Hodge. The two lucky winners both won a $100 voucher for brunch at Kent Street Deli, and I know one of the winners enjoyed taking her Nanna out to lunch before she flew back to New Zealand.

Kent Street Deli has provided the option of using plates and cutlery if sitting down in the café and will be soon providing mugs to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee in the café. If you have your own plastic containers from home, that you can still have a take away option, please bring them in and don’t forget your BYO takeaway coffee cups.

It’s great the students are learning about the impact of waste on our environment and how we can do more, with less. We hope the children’s posters remind us of how we can do things better and have a positive impact on our reduction of packaging and waste removal.



Help us fix our tree

In a recent storm in our area, we lost two big chunks of our favourite trees. And to say we were devastated is an understatement. We lost our shade, ambience and we loved the big presence they bought to our streetscape.

Late last year some anonymous creatives, yarn bombed our tree. Have you ever wondered where the yarn on the trees came from?

What is yarn bombing?

It has been known as yarnstorming, guerrilla knitting/crocheting, urban knitting/crocheting, and graffiti knitting/crocheting

Basically those passionate about the art of wool, through crochet or knitting, find secret parts of the community to fill with colour overnight. We miss the beauty of our tree’s so we thought we would ask our locals to come and help us restore these parts of our cafe.

We are going to redo our tree’s with this urban art form and we were wondering if you wanted to be a part of this community activity?

What can you do to help us?

  1. Do you have an old stash of wool, yarn that you can donate? We have a basket in our event space where you can leave them for us.
  2. Do you like to crochet or knit? You can take some yarn and create some squares, cosies, granny squares, flowers or anything.
  3. Would you like to help us redecorate our tree?

Samantha Harris writes about this craft form…

“Yarn bombing is a fairly new phenomenon in the street art world, with the earliest examples of it dating back to as early as 2002, though the term didn’t really start to catch on until around 2005. It started out as cozies over objects or sewn together knitted/crocheted materials. Gradually, over time, artists have developed custom designs and created amigurumi like creatures and incorporated characters into their work. There is a wide range of technique and styles now that make up yarn bombing.”

Thanks so much to everyone who has expressed concern about the storm and the damage to local businesses. We can’t wait to engage our local community into doing something positive after this little hiccup.

Team Kent Street Deli