Do All These to Make Your Luggage Safe?

What steps can you take to make sure you get your money’s worth? Here are a few tips to increase the likelihood that your bag and the items inside it will arrive at your destination undamaged.

Pack sensibly. Self-inflicted luggage damage includes the following: Perishable food items might spoil if you threw in a bottle of perfume or sunscreen that could leak and ruin the bag’s lining. This is especially true if the delivery of the bag is delayed.

So, when you’re putting your suitcase together, stick to these easy guidelines: To lessen the chance of your suitcase toppling over, seal any liquid products in a sealable plastic bag, pack your heaviest belongings close to the suitcase’s wheels at the bottom, and tighten or take off any shoulder straps or other attachments that could get caught in a baggage conveyor belt or carousel.

Watch out for any dangerous materials as well, notably extra lithium batteries, which are not allowed in checked bags due to the possibility of a fire. Be warned that some foods, such as cheese, might cause false positives on explosives detecting equipment at airports.

Pay attention to luggage wrapping services. Have you ever seen a bag at the airport wrapped in what appears to be thick wrap? At major international airports, a variety of businesses. The advantage is that your luggage will be better shielded from harm and content theft. The drawback is that the TSA inspectors won’t rewrap it if they need to check inside because they will be able to cut right through that airtight barrier.

Covers that protect. Investing in a protective bag sleeve will help prevent scratches and dings on your bag. There are many options available; from patterned fabric wrappers to transparent plastic sleeves are entering the market. These additions lessen the likelihood of simple damage and may deter criminals from targeting the bag, but keep in mind that they are not indestructible.

Ponder pink. Sometimes a fellow traveler may mistakenly take your belongings because your bag resembles everyone else’s and go missing. If you still prefer black luggage, like many travelers, you might want to consider adding a brightly colored ribbon, luggage tags, or yellow duct tape to your bag. If you’re buying a new bag, think of a vivid color or pattern. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a bag with a unique appearance.

Put it in the care of a shipping or storage company. You can ship your bag ahead to avoid subjecting it to the humiliations of air travel. Although it doesn’t usually cost more than checking it, doing this can provide you piece of mind and lessen wear and tear. Using a short-term storage service can help you relax during a lengthy layover.

Keep track of the items you packed. Write everything down, save it to your phone, or just take a picture of the information. This will be useful if you need to confirm that something is missing or if you need to make an airline claim for a lost or damaged bag.