Fitting a Tow Bar, the Right Way

A tow bar is considered a great accessory for your vehicle as it adds some much-needed versatility to it. This investment may not cost you a great deal but it gives your vehicle the added feature of pulling anything ranging from a trailer or even a caravan.

A tow bar is a must for any vehicle owner who has any kind of affiliation to the great outdoors. Camping and roughing out would only be made easier if your vehicle has the feature of towing along all the equipment you need for a quick outdoor getaway.

What you need to consider during installation

Ensure the tow bar you select comes with a guarantee as you want it be durable and fool proof. A guarantee would mean that the tow bar would actually come without the worry of spending over a prematurely broken tow bar. Fitting one contrary to popular belief is not as easy as one would think. You cannot simply attach it to the rear bumper and call it a day. Towbar installation requires a certain level of precision and skill. Any bar comes with a set of instructions from the manufacturer as each one would come with its own specifications.

Heavy duty tow bars for example are installed in a slightly different way compared to an average bar. Keep in mind that the fitting requirement will vary based on the model and design of your vehicle. Considering all the electrical components you find in modern day cars it is important that your tow bar is not installed in a way that would disturb any of that. The first step of the installation process is preparing your vehicle. In some cars you might have to take off the rear bumper to actually access any in-built mounting holes in the chassis, while in others you might have to cut into the rear bumper itself to fit in a tow bar.

Once the bumper is removed, next comes the step of bolting the brackets of the tow bar to the bolt holes and ensuring that the crossbar fits in tightly. Using a tool like a torque for example would give enable you to tighten the crossbar till you are satisfied with how secure it is. The tow ball housing should come next to the structure of the tow ball itself provided your tow bar is detachable, installing the bar housing will once again vary according to the type of product you purchase.

You might want to test all the electrical circuits of your vehicle before the installation process to make sure everything is in working order so that if something does not work after the installation then you know that you done something wrong somewhere.

Can you fit it by yourself?

It is certainly not advisable to fit a tow bar by yourself because an improper installation can be disastrous for yourself and your family. Seeking out professional help is the best way to go as you would then feel confident of the installation being done the right way, in a manner compatible with your vehicle type and design.

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