Five Ways To Promote Your Event With Us This Year

Do you find social media confusing?

Do you have an idea for a workshop, but don’t know where to start with promoting it?

We have created an event space here at Kent Street Deli and it was designed just for you. All you need is at least ten people to have our space exclusively and we would love to help you promote your event to make it fly.

Here are some of our top tips for promoting your event here at the deli this year…

Facebook Events

The use of facebook events has increased dramatically over the last year. When you create a great header for your event and also give specific instructions for people, it has the capacity to reach many different audiences. Add Kent Street Deli as a co-host of your event and we will add you to our social media stream. Make sure your photo is simple we love CANVA for designing and also UNSPLASH for copyright free images. 500 million people use Facebook Events each month. But with more than 47 million public Facebook events created last year alone, you need to make your event stand out.

Ticketing Made Easy

One of the easiest platforms for selling tickets for your event is through Eventbrite. A simple way that uses online platforms effectively to promote and also ticket your event. No need for your own website, it has everything that you need. If you use Eventbrite, you can sell tickets directly on Facebook. By allowing people to purchase tickets through Facebook’s new end-to-end checkout, you can drastically boost your bottom line

Choose Your Social Platform

The best thing you can do is choose one social platform and target your audience effectively.

  • Facebook – You can share event updates, engage followers, and create event pages. You can also target your messaging to specific groups using paid promotion.
  • Instagram – Brands get the most engagement on this image-laden social platform.
  • LinkedIn – Great for B2B and industry networking, this professional social media platform is a good choice for company news and event announcements.
  • Twitter – Use posts and an event hashtag to build excitement before and during your event.
  • Snapchat — Appeal to young audiences by building a presence on Snapchat.

Use Local Hashtags and Location Tools

Make sure you use local hashtags like: #reinventingrockingham #secretsinthebay #farfrombogan #rockinghamcity #rockingham #shoalwater #safetybay #secretharbour #goldenbay #kwinanalife #baldivisevents #baldivis and always use your location to tag into people from the local area. Don’t forget to create your own event hashtag and encourage your participants to use it.

Book Your Event Today On Our Bookings Calendar

We have created a simple system for you to book your own event in our event space. With apple tv share capacity from your phone, great fresh food and staff to serve your event, it couldn’t be easier. If you would like to include your marketing in the event calendar as well, email us your header and information and we can update our web page with your information.

We created this events space just for people like you. Let’s continue to inspire and educate our local people with quality events and opportunities to gather. For more information call Brooke on 08 95285335

Brooke and the team at Kent Street Deli

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