Four-wheel Driving Destinations in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries to off-road in. There are enough and more tracks, which is why you should know what the best are. We talked about three amazing choices below. Read ahead.

Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route is one of the most famous in the world – it is known for how isolated its tracks are. It is littered with wells, which were once used for livestock. The wells can still be used. Any trekker would appreciate being able to fill their water bottles in them.

As the route is so isolated, you won’t encounter any towns or emergency centres. In fact, the route takes you across several deserts. They include the Gibson Desert, the Little Sandy Desert, as well as the Great Sandy Desert.

One of the reasons Canny Stock is so great, is because it also takes you across several aboriginal lands.

The entire journey stretches 1800 km across. It’ll take you around 16 days to complete. You’re not advised to go on the trip yourself, due to how isolated and far away from emergency you’ll be. A convoy of at least 3 vehicles is suggested.

Is there a best time to pass through? Yes, May-August.

Cape York Track

The track takes much longer to finish than the one above. How do you feel about being on the road for 25 days?

It is also known as the Old Telegraph Track, and it takes you across the northern most points of the country. 

You’ll see several rivers, including the Jardine and Gunshot creak. Many of them involve near-vertical exits. Considering there are several rivers, there would be ample swimming holes too. They include the infamous Eliot Falls, the Twin Falls and the Fruit Bat Falls.

One of the reasons the track takes so long to complete is due to how challenging the river crossings are. Pack as many 4WD accessories as you can to make the trip easier.

The total distance to and from would be 848 KM. Over all, the journey won’t be that isolating – you can complete it without a convoy.

The best time to visit would be during May-October.

Bins Track

Bins Track offers diverse landscapes. You’ll see mountains, deserts and a variety of plains. Be mindful of the tires you have, as the terrain is very hardy.  

If you want a full experience of the Australian wilderness, Bins Track would be perfect. You’ll even pass the historical Tennant Creek.

But accessing the track can be hard. Gregory Park has limited entry from December all the way to May. This is due to weather conditions.

The trip would require you to drive the largest distance. You will be spending 2191 KM on the road. It won’t take as long as the other two, though. It usually takes 10 days to complete.

What’s the best time to visit? Around April – August.

Final Thoughts

Although we only discussed three tracks, they are the best in the country. Which of them will you be visiting?

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