How To Get More Done in 2018


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The phone is ringing, your social media notifications are going berserk, one child is crying tugging at your leg, while the other one is destroying your clean house (which doesn’t happen that often). You have all these goals and intentions of becoming something this year, taking your business to the next level but just don’t know where to start! Does this sound familiar?

You’re not alone… Did you know that studies have shown that only 11% of people actually complete their to-do lists each day? It is also proven that an excess of things whether it be physically or mentally can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information.

Staying focused in a world full of distractions is hard work, you have to be committed and only you can change, cut through the chaos and take control of your future. Here are five ways you can take control this year and get back on the path of living the life you want:


In order to have a productive day, prepare the night before. Make some basic decisions about what you’re going to do tomorrow, write them down or get them ready. These could be items such as what you’ll wear, what the kids are having for their lunches, making a list of your work priorities etc.

By making these simple decisions the night before it helps you to stay focused in the morning instead of checking emails and scrolling through social media. Stick to your schedule and get into the habit of planning your day in advance, it makes it easier to avoid getting distracted, enables your own accountability and you won’t get sidetracked!


Research shows your concentration levels will be at their highest first thing in the morning, so this is the perfect time to focus on those big, important tasks. After these are out of the way you can relax and take care of the more routine work that doesn’t require so much mental strain.


Switch off all devices and close your email, it’s time to concentrate! By not responding to every email or notification as it arrives it sends a message that you value your time and you’re a very focused and busy person. Schedule a time later in the day when your mental focus is not at its peak to respond to people.


Be clear on what’s important to you, time is thin and your agenda should always fit in with your goals, intentions and life purpose. If you say yes to everything you’re living a life by others, not on your own terms. People pleasing distracts you from being productive with your time. Saying no thoughtfully and in the right manner can come across as you taking control of the situation valuing your time and create new opportunities.

Everyone is afraid of missing out (FOMO) that they don’t take the time or energy to focus on themselves. Being in the moment, asking yourself “does this serve me?”. Having a yes mentality is not good for your mental wellbeing and can become superficial in terms of your involvement and engagement.


When you’re busy working on something and you feel your energy or concentration levels fading away, take a break. Go for a walk around the block, listen to a podcast, do 15 minutes of meditation whatever is going to create results for you in order to come back to your tasks with a renewed energy and sharper mental focus.

The more determination you seek the more ways you will find to harness and use what you have right in front of you more effectively.

Rhiannon McDonald

Rhiannon McDonald is an Organisation Coach and Business Manager who has a passion for helping others get more organised and productive. Rhiannon helps you to cut through the chaos and take control of your life in order to focus on what’s really important to you! She loves everything organisation, productivity, systems, task management, intentions and goals. Rhiannon is the Founder of whoSOCIAL a social media and marketing resources hub for Accountants and Bookkeepers and keeps busy as a mum to Nate and Armani. She also loves to stay creative renovating houses with her husband Monty.

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