The Best Foods to Eat

Eating healthy foods offers an array of benefits. If you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle, it is time to make a switch. When you do it, it means you will be replacing foods that have more salt and sugar with healthful options that are beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Your heart and mood will improve. On top of that, you will have improved memory and be able to control your blood sugar level. For this reason, always choose healthy. Doing so will make a big difference in your life. To help you get started, here is the list of the best foods to eat.


Lentils are rich in fibre and potassium which makes them a good choice when it comes to lowering high blood pressure. They can help fight against type 2 diabetes, too. There are different types of lentils, such as beluga, brown, green, puy, and yellow and red. The brown lentils are the most common among the five. They are usually used in cooking stews.


Oats are extremely healthy. They are packed with antioxidants, fibre and nutrients that are can lower blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. You can find the range of gluten free oats online which is perfect if you do not want to go out to shop for gluten free oats anymore.


Mushrooms can help prevent cell damage. They are rich in antioxidants and protein. Aside from preventing cell damage, mushrooms can reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.


Broccoli contains a good amount of calcium, folate, and phytonutrients. The latter has properties that can minimize the risk of certain types of cancer. When cooking broccoli, try not to overcook it as it can kill its important nutrients.


Blueberries give enough amounts of antioxidants and fibre. Like broccoli, they are loaded with phytonutrients that can help keep the body functioning properly.


Eggs are excellent source of protein. You can include it into your diet easily as you can have boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and sunny-side up eggs, to name a few. The egg’s yolk includes most of the vitamins and minerals that are essential in producing red blood cells.


Some people do not like eating avocados as they know that they are high in fat. But know that avocados have healthy fats. They are a great source of fibre and Vitamin K. Eating avocados can lessen the risk of breast and colon cancer so make it a part of your lifestyle.


Salmon has the most omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the mind and body. They can help boost eye health, combat anxiety and depression, promote brain function, and reduce fatty liver.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes come with a big amount of beta-carotene. Your body will transform the beta-carotene to Vitamin A that is vital in fighting heart disease and other health conditions.

Aside from this list, you can have almonds, chia seeds, cauliflower, kale, sardines, and yogurt. Remember, balance is the key.

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