What to Know About Travel Bags for Motorcycles?

If you get around the city and do most of your travelling on a motorcycle, one of the drawbacks that you’ll face is the reduced storage option. But there are many motorcycle luggage options that you can explore. There are many companies that specialize in travel bags that can be mounted onto motorcycles and doesn’t impede travel.

One type of bag you can mount to a motorcycle is tail bags. There are hard cases and soft bags when it comes to options. The first thing you need to consider is which option will suit your requirements better. When it comes to collisions or climate, a hard case has greater protection to the contents within. But the drawback is that the items inside the hard case can get jostled a lot and this can actually damage them if they are not properly packed.

When transporting delicate or fragile items in a hard case, you will need to pack them with bubble wrap so nothing happens even when they are jostled inside during the ride. You will not face this issue as soft bags will not shake or vibrate. You will be able to strap the bag to the motorcycle securely so that contents are not jostled. But if there is external impact, the protection offered by a hard case is superior to that of a soft bag.

You have to consider the weight of the bag as well. When mounting a hard case to your motorcycle, there are more mounting frames and accessories to be used which will increase the overall weight even if you choose a lightweight case. You can find frameless soft bags that can be mounted easily to the motorcycle. You will be travelling in different weather conditions so you need to consider purchasing a bag that is waterproof. It is best if you can touch and feel the material of the bag before you buy. You can also check reviews from people who have purchased the bag before. You need to be sure about the durability of the bag as well. In case of external impact, a hard case can suffer a dent or in serious situations, it can get twisted and end up being unusable. This is because you will not be able to properly close a dented or damaged hard case.

But soft bags are made of pliable material that can take a lot of beatings. There is a risk of the material tearing but you need to be careful about what you store inside. Make sure that you have duct tape in your bag whenever there is a tear to be repaired or a sharp object to be wrapped before you put it in the bag. You have to think about how easy it is to access the bag as well. It can be a little difficult to find what you are looking for in a soft bag. In a hard case, you will have more visibility. Sometimes it can feel like your soft bag has a bottomless pit.

But think about how easy it is to mount the bag to the motorcycle as well. You need to weigh the pros and cons of the material depending on your requirement to select a bag that is perfect for you.

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